Koala Video Production | About us
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About Us

Since its introduction in 1999, Koala has been spotted breeding successfully in various parts of the UK. Koala was formed by Phil Brice, a writer producer with over forty years’ experience in the industry.


The mating ritual seems to be the same each time. Potential mates make tentative approaches, have a good sniff around and then, when they glimpse Koala’s tackle and discover its speciality for making highly original high quality commercials, it’s wham bam thank-you mam!


With the broadening of the advertising industry, Koala have been able to build on their reputation for producing very high quality commercials at competitive prices. Koala choose the best facilities, directors and crew for each individual production.


“We are very aware of the high standards of service that clients demand, and we go out of our way to ensure that everything we do not only meets but exceeds those standards,” concluded Phil, chewing on a post-coital eucalyptus branch.

Meet the team


Phil Brice

Managing Director

Our resident ad guru; forty years in the industry and still going strong. Phil has got bags of experience that transcends all aspects of TV advertising. Give that guy a stopwatch and a script and there’s nothing he can’t do! A writer, producer and director, his began his career as a radio DJ before becoming a reporter at LBC, a news reader then Commercial Production Manager. He founded his own radio production company in 1979. Twenty years later, seeing the evolution of the ad industry, Phil formed Koala to provide fully comprehensive production services for all aspects of advertising. His motto: if there’s a screen or an ear there’s an ad op!


James Rees

Creative Director

Born with a high dose of creativity, James’s mind refuses to switch off. His mother had him checked over by the doctor, but apparently there is no cure. Does he have an off button somewhere?! Unfortunately not…we have checked. Originally trained in architecture, James has a background in 3D graphics and computer programming. Utilising these strong visualisation skills for the ad industry, all of James’s concepts have a sound foundation. You’ll generally find him with his head in a script, developing visual concepts with the team or behind the camera directing, though he oversees all aspects of Koala productions.


Phil Riley


Our Chairman has really lived the life of Riley. Founder of Free Radio, he worked his way up through the roles of Presenter, Producer, Programme Director and Chief Exec across UK radio stations, so he knows a thing or two about building successful businesses...and lycra (cycling is his thing!) Phil started out at BRMB as a graduate trainee, working his way up the ranks to Programme Director. He was a driving force in the purchase of a number of Midlands radio stations, uniting them under the banner of Gem and Free Radio where he was CEO, then Chairman of Orion Media, before widening his media remit to become Koala’s Chairman.


Jo Harrington

Regional Account Director

If you don’t know Jo yet, you’re about to. With over twenty years’ experience across TV, radio, print, outdoor and digital, her reputation precedes her as someone who gains the respect and trust of her clients. You’ll want to work with her as she’ll fight to the death to get the best for you. Jo started out at the Daily Mirror working with clients to secure display advertising both in print and online. She then moved to Orion Media, moving up through the ranks quickly across agency and management roles, working with both agencies and direct clients as well as being responsible for developing, communicating and executing sales strategies. She has also been Chair of the Birmingham Publicity Association and is now on the council, as well as being an ambassador for Love Brum. Our work hard, play hard, fitness fanatic, when she isn’t slogging away in the city, you’ll find her living it up at the beach, but not usually the same one twice.


Kim Nolan

Regional Account Director

Kim’s on it! Up at the crack of dawn so she can slave away at the gym before work starts, this workout warrior is obsessed with understanding her clients so she can deliver exceptional results. Working as an Account Director at Total Media then MEC, planning and buying media for regional and national clients, she gained a wide knowledge of all channels and what works for what brands. She then moved to the Guardian to set up the brand partnership team where she was responsible for ensuring all regional agencies outside the M25 were aware of the Guardian News and Media brand and creative solutions. Swayed back to the bright lights of TV, she spent time in the ITV partnerships team at Mediacity, before joining Koala to extend our presence into further territories. When not working or working out, Kim spends her time eating and exploring exotic locations, so recommendations for restaurants, workouts or countries to visit are always welcome!


Claire Evans

Producer / Copywriter

Claire is the ultimate wolf in sheep’s clothing. Don’t let those dulcet tones fool you, she’s out for blood. Schedules, scripts, clearance, casting, voiceovers – they’re done, most of the time before we even get in to work! Claire’s career began at the BBC where she was a Production Coordinator for the world’s longest running soap, The Archers. With a Masters in English Literature, she’s good at digging through texts with a fine toothcomb, a bit of a Miss Marple if you catch our drift! That’s why she’s also our Clearcast expert – she knows all the legal rules. Bury her in a mountain of legal paperwork and she’ll come out with a killer script. Also the most organised person you'll probably ever meet - overseeing project management and schedules is just another fun activity!


Oscar Chapman

Editor / Motion Graphics

Self-confessed motion graphics addict, Oscar lives on a strict diet of After Effects with a side helping of Cinema 4D. Armed with a brief and a concept, good luck telling him to stop work. Totally addicted to interface, wow wo-oh. After winning a prestigious year’s contract at a top London post production house, Oscar turned his attention to the advertising industry to become a part of the creative process from start to finish. With experience in 3D vector art, mograph 3D animation integrated with 2D graphics, cinema 4D, 3D and planar tracking using Boujou and Mocha, Oscar is our crazy animator. You’ll find him in the basement suite creating mind blowing, eye melting visual effects. He works fast, so often heads up our client edits where he’ll make final graphic tweaks in front of a live audience. His grading work is second to none, using tone and colour to tell the story and set the overall mood and ambience of a piece. Skilled on DaVinci Resolve, he puts the finishing touches on our projects as well as creating much of the visual content.


Rodrigo Castro

3D Artist / Compositor

Rodrigo might have the name of a telenovela villain, but he’s got the heart of a care bear. A pro at 3D modelling, we poached him from an industrial design company after we saw his insanely realistic renders. He can sniff out a render in a flash, but good luck trying to spot one of his. Starting his career in industrial design gives Rod an edge in the photorealistic world. Having experience of working with materials, he knows how they move and look in different lights, so his work looks insanely real. He also has strong experience in matte painting, 3D tracking, modelling and animation, having honed these skills producing 3D mapping for live shows on TV Azteca, in particular their coverage for the 2012 Olympics. His portfolio also includes animation and hyper realistic renders for Jose Cuervo as well as rotoscoping for film. That means Rod’s our go to guy when it’s a grey shoot day – paint the sky blue please! He’ll create a killer, realistic background for your product, either made from scratch or from modelling on top of shot footage.