Koala Video Production | #BehindtheAds with Makeup Artist Jess Nurse
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Freelance Makeup and Hair Artist, Jess Nurse, has been wielding her makeup brush and hairspray can for over ten years. On the makeup team for shows such as ITV’s Dancing on Ice and Channel 4’s Goks Fashion Fix, Jess is also a keen body painter and has competed at the World Bodypainting Championships.

See what she has to say about being a superhero and making people look pretty.

Jess making up Carol Ann Dunbar for one of our Hillarys greenscreen shoots

Jess making up Carol Ann Dunbar for one of our Hillarys greenscreen shoots

Q) Describe what you do for a living in five words.

A) I make people look pretty. (Translation: Freelance makeup and hair artist).
Q) What projects are you working on at the moment?
A) For the last few months I’ve been working with Superdry. Amongst other things, I’m now working with various hair stylists, doing makeup for the British Hairdressing Awards final – which is really exciting! My next job this week is working on a mini video for NEXT kids in London.

Q) What’s it like being a Makeup Artist (MUA) on the set of a TV ads?

A) It’s like being a secret superhero tucked in a small space of the room, prepping everyone that will be on camera before they work their magic! In other words powdering faces and spraying down stray hairs.

Q) How does this differ from your other work?

A) I also do a lot of photoshoots and e-commerce clothing work, where the whole team tends to natter all day. Working on TV ads differs as I have to be quiet in the background for several parts of filming!

Q) Strangest moment in your career?

A) Making up a model in an old prison for a TV series ‘Breaking Magic’ and all the electricity failing. Maybe that was just scary actually…hmmmm…on another job a model licked my hand!

Jess’s extra lippy?

Jess’s extra lippy?

Q) What is the most useful item in your tool kit, and why?
A) Definitely my kit bag. When I am on set, it has a little bit of everything I could possibly need for touch-ups, including hairspray, tissues, cotton buds, extra lippie and also my favourite product for set which is my pressed powders. No one likes too much shine, especially now there’s super-duper high definition cameras!

Q) What is it that makes you stand out from your competitors?

A) I hope that what makes me stand out as a makeup artist is my personality and my skill 🙂 I hope that I am calm in the right situations and produce natural looking makeup when needed, along with being easy going enough to work with a new team every week, and take on any brief.

Movember Makeup Artist style!

Movember Makeup Artist style!

Q) What’s the hardest make up trick to pull off?

A) I would say one of the hardest tricks to pull off in basic makeup is contour and shading. A lot of people use a colour that just doesn’t work, and it either looks too obvious, or like there are massive orange lines across your face. I always think the main trick is just to add a small amount at a time, oh, and lots of blending!

Q) What’s the best bit of the job?

A) The best bit of my job is meeting new people, working on exciting projects, getting creative and seeing my work in print or on TV.

Some of Jess’s bodypainting work

Some of Jess’s bodypainting work

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