Koala Video Production | We Want Any Car – Transformer
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We Want Any Car – Transformer


One of the largest car buying companies in the UK, when WeWantAnyCar.com say they’ll buy any car in the UK, they mean it.


This was the message they wanted to get across in their TV advertising campaign; whatever car or van you’re driving, you can sell it to WeWantAnyCar.com.


Ease and speed were two other key features to be highlighted. WeWantAnyCar.com’s hassle free online valuation service means sellers can see how much their vehicle is worth in minutes, so if they do decide to sell, they merely have to make an appointment at their local branch, and drive on down to make the sale.


WeWantAnyCar.com initially approached us to create a recognisable character for their brand, and so, Reg was born!


When they decided to advertise on TV, they wanted to incorporate Reg and ensure their marketing strategy was cohesive across platforms. We created a colourful, fun world for our little Reg where he could take some nice cars for a test drive and make it clear his company want any type of car.


If only all cars snapped into something bigger or sportier when a deep voice uttered the magic words. Big car! BIG CAR! BIG CAR!


Knowing the second largest search engine, YouTube, is a valuable marketing tool, WeWantAnyCar.com also requested a version of the ad, specifically for the video hosting site. Could we be implying that selling your car through WeWantAnyCar.com is so easy, you could do it from the sofa in your front room?! Check it out on their YouTube channel.

  • TV Commercial