Koala Video Production | Radio Advertising
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Radio Advertising


As a commercial production company, radio advertising is our bread and butter.


We may be in the midst of a digital, screen age, but radio maintains the accolade of being Britain’s second most consumed medium, after TV.


Created to work alongside and bolster your TV campaign, or to drive traffic by itself, we understand your radio spot needs to be compelling and receptive.


There’s a knack to writing radio copy. With no images to portray your brand, scripts have got to work that little bit harder to reflect your brand image and keep your message in consumers’ minds.


Repetition is key, but so is an interesting creative, and at the heart of everything, creating interesting narratives is what we do.


We’ll work with you to make commercial radio work for your company. We deal with the whole process for you, to make life that little bit easier. Our team of script writers will pen a great advert, we’ll get script clearance, pick the perfect voiceover, record the voice, choose a great accompanying music track and/sound effects, produce a great jingle if required, and send the final ad to radio stations.


Radio has a unique place in the advertising market – most listeners are engaged in other activities whilst they listen. This means that radio is a constant companion, a loyal friend, which makes it fertile ground for advertisers to appear.


The cost of radio commercial production can vary due to factors including how many scripts you’d like produced, how many radio stations you’re airing across, if you require a recognisable voice, a custom made jingle or a well-known music track, or whether you’re getting TV/video production with us at the same time. We’re always happy to provide a custom quote – so just pick up the phone and holla.


Like TV, radio ads require clearance. The Radio Advertising Clearance Centre is the body entrusted with the task, ensuring scripts and copy comply with the BCAP Code. Pros at clearance, we deal with all this on your behalf, guiding you through the legal ins and outs, and requesting documentation should it be required.


Make commercial radio work for your company.


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