Koala Video Production | TV Advert Production
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TV Commercials & TV Ads Production


We won’t beat around the (eucalyptus) bush – TV is the most effective method of advertising. It delivers the best ROI, is the most talked about medium both online and offline, and is the catalyst for other media.


To make TV work for your brand, you need to stand out. You need one of the UK’s most experienced and creative TV commercial production companies behind your campaign.


We know TV, and we can help you get a great ad to air. From concept to completion, we offer a full range of services.


We’ve got a reputation for designing identifiable 3D animation characters that strengthen brand recall, as well as using photorealistic animation to create whole sets and productions from the ground up.


That’s not all. Our TV productions come in all shapes and sizes. We produce live action shoots, can create an ad from stills or library footage, as well as all animation types. You can even pick and mix a few of the options. Whatever your chosen method, we organise and produce it all. Have a nose at our TV commercials and see for yourself.


We’ll write your script, get copy clearance from the broadcaster approved clearance body, create your ad, and deliver it to stations with instructions for where and when to run. But whatever part of the process you want us to handle, we’re happy to help.


Firstly, we discuss your product or service: its advantages and any unique selling points, who you are targeting, and how much you are looking to spend on production if you have a budget.


Your production budget often reflects what you are spending on airtime. The simplest graphics ad, depending on where it’s broadcast, can be produced for a few thousand pounds. Our biggest productions, with star names, set builds and large production crews have cost over three hundred thousand pounds.

Spending more doesn’t necessarily mean a more effective ad. With huge technical advances in the equipment now used, a lot can be achieved on a tight budget. It all comes down to the idea. Does it get the product and its selling points across clearly? Most importantly, does it engage the viewer?


We will also deal with all clearance on your behalf. Broadcasted adverts must go through a clearance process to ensure that they are not harmful, misleading or offensive.


Hours of TV viewed on average, first half of 2015

infographic_tvcommercial_02 (2)

percent of a person's average daily media is TV


The average person watches 45 TV ads a day


The average person watches 3 hours, 37 minutes of TV every day

Live TV remains the bedrock of broadcasters’ service. Viewers still want to watch programmes in real time, and enjoy the experience of being connected.


With TV taking care of your core advertising needs, you can utilise other mediums such as social media, YouTube and digital signage to create and continue a dialogue with your consumers.


If that’s not enough info on TV advert production for you, our blog articles have some inside info. Check ‘em out.