Koala Video Production | Video on Demand Advertising
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Video on Demand Advertising


We make purpose made broadcaster video on demand ads, or can create your TV commercial as a VOD to complement your live presence.


We know VOD services are relatively new, compared to the great, great grandfather of television. With that, we understand the different formats and options available can be quite overwhelming given that they’re constantly chopping and changing. That’s where we come in. Armed with a wealth of knowledge and experience, our team of experts can seamlessly guide you through the process. From advice, to making the creative, and getting it to stations – just demand and we’ll supply.


Broadcaster VOD is simply great content, cherry picked by broadcasters to go on their online, catch up service, with three different types of ad slots available. These are pre roll, mid roll or post roll.


Statistics show that eighty five percent of pre rolled ads are watched for the duration, so VOD can be a great way of getting your brand and product seen.


VOD also allows a level of interactivity that traditional TV does not. Click throughs within the creative can take the viewer straight to your brand page, so if they see something they like, they can instantly find out more.

Interactivity can also be a great way in which to represent the personality of your brand. Click throughs can take viewers to games, competitions, and social media pages, to name but a few. This gives you an added opportunity to build a connection with your consumer and establish brand loyalty.


We’ll determine what you want from your VOD: who you want to target, whether it’s a strong call to action message you want, or if your agenda is brand awareness. If you’re constructing a social media campaign to work in tandem with your VOD, we’ll look at ways we can integrate the two, thus creating a seamless marketing structure and ultimately driving more traffic to your social media and company sites.


VODs do require clearance, but the substantiation required is much simpler. Advertisers simply need to sign a form that declares they can prove any and all claims made. However (now this is where it gets a little tricky) this is only for VODs that aren’t treated as linear. Sky AdSmart is technically a VOD, but isn’t treated as such, and therefore needs traditional linear substantiation. If in the future, you’d like to air your VOD on a linear platform, it’s also a good idea to get it cleared up front when it’s made, but we’ll go through all these options with you, based on what you want from your ad.