Showreel 2022

The Beast Beyond the Fence

Police x The Batman

The Italian brand of fashion accessories is well-known for its designs and pop culture tie-ins. Through their ongoing partnership with[...]

The boy with wings

World Without Walls

This 2D animation content piece produced for the Woodland Trust was written to encourage people after those lovely lazy Xmas[...]

Mobility Credits TFWM

Transport for West Midlands and Coventry City Council were working together to launch an innovative mobility scheme.  The goals: to[...]

Love what you do

The ‘Love what you do’ campaign was all about exactly that. Multi level marketing cosmetics company, Acti Labs, were looking[...]


Two long-time friends, Bruce Springsteen and Barack Obama. Two outsider that have helped shape America. Their candid and intimate conversations[...]

Designed for Business

The Matrix

The Matrix laminator showcased here using motion control robot, Milo. Music score custom composed using foley captured from the machine[...]

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