Showreel 2022

Police x The Batman

The Italian brand of fashion accessories is well-known for its designs and pop culture tie-ins. Through their ongoing partnership with[...]

Food Loves Kikkoman!

At Koala we love creative challenges, and giving new purpose to footage is one we relish. So when Kikkoman came[...]


Love what you do

The ‘Love what you do’ campaign was all about exactly that. Multi level marketing cosmetics company, Acti Labs, were looking[...]

Designed for Business

The Matrix

The Matrix laminator showcased here using motion control robot, Milo. Music score custom composed using foley captured from the machine[...]

Say hello to Flixbus

FlixBus, the German coach operator brand, are growing rapidly across Europe, the US and Brazil. Thanks to their innovative system,[...]

Take a different view

Where you at?

Voiced by Birmingham based spoken word artist, Sipho Eric Dube, ‘Where you at?’ is a calling to those who feel[...]

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