Our Journey

BLINK! is a new brand of food for cats. Driven by an entrepreneurial ethos and a predominantly direct-to-consumer approach, it was born out of its founder’s belief that cats benefit the most from natural, minimally processed foods. Honest recipes, premium fillets, as Blink! say.

At Koala we work with brands of all sizes, but we deeply admire entrepreneurs’ passion. So, when the brand gave us the chance to pitch ideas for their first ever foray on TV, we knew the challenge would be not only capturing its essence, but also its voice.

After lots of research and long, insightful conversations about cat food, we set 3 main pillars to build the campaign upon: Honest food deserves honest words. A DR approach would benefit the brand the most at this stage. And if you have the cutest packaging ever, animation is the way to tell your story.

With the help of super talented stop-motion director Rebecca Gower, we created the feline-fueled “Our Journey”. 

The campaign ran on VOD, online video and social media in early spring. And cat parents all across Britain loved it immediately.


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