Boom Radio

Ode to Boomers

Launching a new national radio station is thrilling. But one not for the kids, but for the Boomer Generation? Challenge accepted!

Thanks to our deep dive research, we got a clear view from the start. It wasn’t just about creating an audience, or nostalgia, but making this iconic generation feel represented. Boom Radio champions Boomers. Their incredible musical journey, and the positivity, energy and thirst for life and for music they have.

To capture it we created an audiovisual ode to Boomers.

The spot ran on digital and social as part of the integrated campaign. We also created OOH, press and digital banners with strong branding. And, of course, The Original Influencer has lived on the station’s ad breaks.

Since launching in early 2021, Boom Radio has quickly grown all across the UK, with listeners loving both the great tunes and our ads. Can’t ask for more!

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