Due to their recent rebrand, the US branch of SimpliSafe had developed a new set of ads for the American market. However, pre-tests showed the British audience weren’t responding in the desired way. The brand needed a twist, a new angle, an impact. So, we got to work.  


Analysing the global assets and available data, our strategic team considered what could be most important for the UK public: Affordable high-tech that effectively protects their homes and families

With that thought in mind, our creatives found inspiration in super-spy style movies, and dramatised the narrative accordingly, conveying true SimpliSafe personality.


A fast-paced edit, a high-tension soundtrack and new visual and sound effects would create the atmosphere. But we needed a final impact: the right energy for the message. 


That’s why we enlisted the help of award-winning actor and voice-over magnifico Richard Armitage, to breathe his charismatic intensity into the ads. 


The campaign ran across Channel 4 and ITV channels, radio, and digital and social media.

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