Food Loves Kikkoman!

At Koala we love creative challenges, and giving new purpose to footage is one we relish. So when Kikkoman came to us to create a range of Sky idents based on their recent TV ad, we knew we were in for a treat. A stunning a feast of tasty visuals and great music.

However, the idents weren’t going to live on just any channel, but on the Food Network! And to earn the attention of a gourmet crowd very used to lush visuals of food, we knew we had to up the impact of our stories, while keeping them to a snappy minimum.

So, we created the voice of an adventurous, joyful amateur cook who, just like our audience, loves to experiment with Kikkoman’s flavour.

Play one, or taste all 12. According to Sky and Kikkoman, they are delicious.

worth your time



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