Mr OwMuch?

At Koala we love challenger brands. Launching them, helping them grow. So, when entrepreneur Anthony Rushton told us about his new venture –a new insurance comparison site– and invited us to pitch for it, the answer was a resounding yes. We won, obvs.

Our strategy was clear. OwMuch.com faced an established category. Big players, spending even bigger. We’d have to make every media pound work harder. Get the brand’s name across with impact. Deliver a simple message. And convey the right personality: a northern, honest, fresh and thrifty new player. 

The creative process was very collaborative. So, when Ant brought Ben “ExP” Goodwin, the Leeds-based rapper, into the mix, we knew we were onto a winner. It was easy to see that pairing ExP with Ant would make for great on-screen fun.  With a touch of Amelie, and a splash of Guy Ritchie, this would be a quirky musical advert. 

To achieve the desired look, Koala’s CD, James Rees and DOP Dennis Madden worked their magic. And the iconic setting in Hayley Dell, and the brilliant supporting cast and crew, helped give the film its distinctive feel.

The catchy “Mr OwMuch” went on-air on December 2022, across Channel 4 North, and digital platforms.

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