Coeliac UK

Research Fund

Coeliac UK wanted to bolster fundraising for their Research Fund. The Fund’s goal is to help develop better understanding, policies and public education about this still misunderstood autoimmune disease.

To increase awareness and raise donations, Coeliac UK asked Koala to develop a series of videos that felt honest, hard-hitting and informative, with a testimonial approach. 

With those sentiments in mind, we approached the task with empathy. The focus: to convey the severity of coeliac disease and encourage donations, as well as provide a unique window into CD sufferers’ lives. 

Through these intimate personal and family conversations, we aimed to educate in a respectful, positive and engaging way around some key areas of the disease: the role of Genetics in coeliac disease, and the potential Triggers that make it manifest at birth in some people, but later in life in some others.

The campaign was developed to run online, on social channels, and offline, in educational and institutional settings.

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