St Moriz

A Tan For Every Tone

Self-tanning brand St. Moriz had developed a new, stylish branding across their product range. Our job, to present it in a way that also reflected their brand promise and core values of positivity and inclusivity.

With shades from light to ultra-dark, everyone can find a St. Moriz to suit their skin tone, feel confident and glow inside and out. It’s the “A Tan For Every Tone” promise. 

To do justice to the new branding, we wanted to create a bold look and feel that would be instantly distinctive. So, every detail mattered. From casting, to setting, to the mood, or the music track, all had to work in unison. 

The brand’s ethos was also at the centre of the advert, with our models perfectly conveying that feeling of internal joy and external confidence. 

The Ad aired on TV, with specific cuts running online and on social media.

With a 22% yoy increase in sales, St. Moriz got lots of new customers looking confident and great!

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